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Why is outdoor seating so expensive?



Mar. 07, 2024
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Luxury or expensive patio furniture is a great investment to enhance the outdoor settings of your commercial or residential properties. Unlike standard patio sets, high-end patio furniture can easily withstand climate changes and help increase your property value. However, finding an ideal luxury patio furniture on a budget can be challenging, especially if you are not aware of the factors involved in the overall cost structure of the furniture set. 

Outdoor patio furniture sets can be expensive for various reasons. Even slight changes in cost variables can result in differences in the price structure from one customer to another. Customization, types of materials, the complexity of designs, longevity, location, brand value, and more are some of the common reasons patio furniture is so expensive. 

This blog contains all the vital information that will help with the cost structure of expensive patio furniture and ways to purchase high-end patio furniture on a budget. 

Why is patio furniture so expensive?

Before investing in high-end patio furniture, make a list of your needs, requirements, and factors that you expect from your outdoor furniture. Doing this will help you avoid making poor purchasing decisions and get the most out of your paid efforts. Take correct measurements of your outdoor spaces, plan according to the theme of your home decor, and be precise about your preferences. 

Now, let us look at some common reasons why are patio furniture so expensive in your locality/ country. 

  1. Manufactured with high-end materials

Generally, the cost of patio furniture is directly or indirectly related to the types of materials used to make the furniture. As a matter of fact, materials can be the most expensive elements of the entire furniture fabrication process. Investing in materials that are easily customizable and can withstand harsh weather conditions is always best. Teak, wrought iron, wicker, stainless steel, wood, and aluminum are some of the most widely used materials for patio furniture sets. To determine the best patio furniture option for your home or commercial properties, contact us today. 

  1. Superior Build Quality

Besides furniture material, labor work, and other elements used in the furniture fabrication process also contribute to the overall cost structure of the patio furniture set. Most furniture companies use more than just glue to put together different pieces of the furniture set. They use technologically advanced methods and elements to increase the lifespan of the furniture and permanently attach different structures to the furniture set. The intense fabrication process requires more labor, eventually increasing the cost of patio furniture sets. Hence, high-end patio furniture sets are often costlier than other options. 

  1. Shipping Services 

Most people don’t consider shipping services while calculating their budget or the overall cost of their patio furniture. Shipping services can majorly influence the cost structure of your patio furniture set, especially if you’re planning to purchase your patio furniture set from a different city, state, or country. Ensure to ask your service provider about the shipping costs, types of shipping services offered by them, and other factors involved in the shipping process. You can also consider shipping your furniture on your own to save money. 

  1. Proven and tested materials 

A good and reliable furniture company will always use proven and tested fabrication methods and high-quality materials to create unique and innovative furniture designs. At Shop4patio, we consist of a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals that have years of experience in creating attractive and standard-quality patio furniture of all types. From compact-size furniture to complete patio sets, we offer an extensive range of outdoor furniture sets at reasonable prices. Call us at (561) 557-9721 to speak directly with one of our representatives and learn more about our products and services. 

  1. Design

Another factor that majorly influences the cost of patio furniture is the complexity of the customization of design patterns. The more complex the designs, the higher the prices will be. Customized furniture sets often cost more than ready-made furniture designs. As patio furniture sets are one investment, you should opt for more modern and stylish design patterns when purchasing your furniture set. Consider designing your patio furniture per the theme of your home decor to enhance the overall visual appeal of your home. 

  1. Location 

It is imperative to understand that high-end outdoor patio furniture sets are made to withstand different weather conditions depending on the geographical factors of a particular location. Hence, before investing in patio furniture sets, always look for materials that are suitable for the place you reside in, as location can heavily influence the furniture cost. One of the best times to buy patio furniture is during sales and other ongoing discount periods to grab the best deals at affordable prices. 

The Benefits of Buying Expensive Patio Furniture

Here are some incredible benefits of investing in expensive patio furniture over other options, 

  1. Durable 

High-end patio furniture is more durable and sturdy than other options in the market. High-end patio furniture fabricated using standard quality materials that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions, shock, moisture, etc. When taken care of, high-end patio furniture sets can last several years with minimum maintenance costs. On the other hand, average patio furniture tends to lose its essence after being exposed to outdoor elements and different weather conditions. If money is not your primary concern, a high-end patio furniture set is your best option. 

  1. Great aesthetics 

When it comes to aesthetics, there is simply no match for high-end furniture sets. Most people invest in high-end patio furniture to enhance their outdoor arrangements' aesthetics and visually appealing values. At Shop4patio, we work tirelessly to exceed your expectations and offer the best on the table. We offer an extensive range of patio furniture to choose from that you can select based on your styling preferences. Explore our website or contact us today to learn more about our services and discover the best option for you. 

  1. Maximum comfort 

Compared to standard furniture sets, expensive patio furniture sets offer great comfort and a relaxing experience. You spend quality time sitting comfortably on your patio furniture sets with your loved ones. The cushion and seat are made using premium quality materials that last for decades when taken good care of. Based on your preferences, you create an outdoor living space, dining areas, and more with high-end patio furniture sets.  

  1. Easily customizable 

Most furniture companies offer customizable services to users that opt for high-end furniture sets. This way, you don’t have to worry about compromising your home aesthetics while purchasing furniture sets. Before customizing your furniture sets, it is recommended to know the measurements of your outdoor spaces, the capacity of the furniture sets, and other features to get the most out of your purchase. Don’t make complex changes, as they might affect the core areas of the furniture sets. Be precise and clear about your needs and requirements depending on various factors.

  1. Versatile 

High-end furniture sets are more versatile than cheap patio furniture sets. They come with huge storage capacity and can be used for multiple purposes. If you love hosting parties and inviting many people to your home, you should look for patio furniture sets with huge capacity that can convert into a bed or extend to allow more people to relax. Always look for furniture sets with tables and other extended features to add more functionality. 

Ensure to ask relevant questions to your service providers to know more about the product's specifications. Is the patio furniture waterproof? What is your expertise? What makes you different from others? And how do you plan to meet our expectations? These are some common questions that you can consider asking your service provider. 

How to Keep Expensive Patio Furniture Looking Great? 

  1. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of and maintain the overall appearance of your patio furniture. Patio furniture sets are exposed to different climate conditions, outdoor elements, and more that can easily affect the appearance and durability of the furniture set. Regular maintenance can help detect existing problems with your furniture and help save some expensive repair costs. 

  1. Add protective covers 

Adding protective layers is one of the best ways to prevent sun and weather damage on your patio furniture. Protective layers act as barriers that protect the exterior of your patio furniture from heat, moisture, corrosion, and rust. Ensure to add good and durable fabric-quality protective sheets to your patio furniture when not in use. 

  1. Store them in shaded areas 

When not in use, storing your outdoor furniture in a shaded area or indoors is best. Extreme weather conditions can cause severe injuries and damage to your precious prized possessions. You can use a standard-quality furniture umbrella to protect your patio furniture from harmful UV rays during hot summer days. 

  1. Use cushions to protect them

Cushions are the most crucial elements of your patio furniture sets. They help enhance the appearance and add great comfort to your furniture sets. They also help protect the core parts of patio furniture from heat, sun rays, and other outdoor elements from entering or setting on the surface area of your patio furniture sets. 

What outdoor furniture lasts the longest?

Wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel, teak wood, cast iron, shorea wood, and woven wicker are popular furniture options that last longer than other furniture materials. You can easily add more life to your furniture sets by conducting regular maintenance, repair, and inspection services. Additionally, regularly painting your patio furniture sets can also help enhance the overall appearance of your home's settings and decor standards. 

Which Outdoor furniture can be left outside?

Teak wood and aluminum outdoor furniture can be left outside during climate conditions. Aluminum material is naturally moisture and corrosion-resistant that can easily withstand different weather conditions. 

Many people still wonder, “why are aluminum lawn chairs so expensive?” and often look for alternatives. The answer is simple, its durability and longevity have simply no match. 

How Much Should You Spend on Outdoor Furniture?

The amount to spend on outdoor furniture primarily depends on your needs, requirements, and budget. It is not ideal to go beyond your budget or invest in the furniture you can not afford. One of the best times to buy patio furniture is during sales.

Explore our website to discover the best and most stylish patio furniture for your outdoor home spaces. Contact us at (561) 557-9721 to learn more about our services, or book an appointment to visit our showroom.

Ever wanted to shop for patio furniture, and the cost of each item got you wondering why outdoor furniture is so expensive? It’s normal to want to find out what makes outdoor furniture more expensive than indoor furniture items, this also helps you understand why each patio furniture is worth the investment. In this guide, we help you unpack every detail you need to discover about the cost of outdoor patio furniture.

A lot of details and intentionality go into the design of patio furniture and every detail ultimately contributes to the cost of each piece of furniture. However, one profound truth about outdoor patio furniture is that, it's always worth the expense in terms of your comfort and outdoor relaxation.



Patio Outdoor Furniture and High Expense; Here’s What You Need to Know


Every day, the outdoor décor space is increasingly gaining competition with design companies giving it all it takes to outdo one another in providing premium comfort to their clientele, and one thing is certain—price remains a major technique that brands use to gain customers. So, if all outdoor brands sell furniture pieces at a huge price, what then is the big deal about outdoor furniture that makes them so expensive?

Type of Materials:

Would you like to purchase a piece of outdoor furniture that crumbles under your weight in a short time, because it has been weathered down? Not good, right?! This is why a lot of intentionality is put into the manufacture of outdoor furniture pieces to ensure that they serve you well for a long time despite intense weather exposure.

Although not all materials come at the same price points, you’ll find that the furniture piece is designed based on its material combination. A tempered glass table with a rattan base and steel frame is a combination of three materials that would contribute to the cost of the furniture. But you won’t just be spending mindlessly on these pieces, as they are designed to be long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and highly weather resistant.

High Demand:

Contemporary outdoor furniture has become popular and increasingly in demand in the last few decades. As more people are becoming aware of their natural environment and the therapeutic effect of nature, they tend to desire to spend more time outdoors with friends and family in warm seasons. This leads to a high demand for outdoor patio furniture.

The high demand makes sourcing for the furniture materials challenging and even expensive, this ultimately creates a ripple cost effect on the final price of the furniture. A shortage in supply could also mean that the pieces will only be available to those who are willing to pay more to have them. Thankfully, here at Cosiest, you don’t have to pay extra for such reasons, we always have something eclectic to suit your taste.

Shipping fees:

Some outdoor pieces are fairly priced until the shipping cost is added to them. Sometimes, the cost of shipping could hike as high as the furniture’s original cost, and because you can’t just say no to the gorgeous piece, the cost of shipping eventually adds up to the cost of purchase.

On some other occasions, some companies may choose to offer free shipping of their furniture pieces. On a closer look, you might find that the cost has been added to the purchasing price, except your location is close to the warehouse and the company is taking it upon themselves to deliver to you. However, if the product will be shipped internationally, then you must be aware that you might be paying more for the same furniture set than someone else within the products’ manufacturing region.

Futuristic designs:

As design trends keep changing various manufacturers are interested in curating futuristic outdoor furniture designs to stay atop the game and beat the competition. This means that a lot of details and resources go into curating the perfect outdoor furniture piece that you’ll always be proud to own.

And of course, that means you’ll be spending a whole lot extra to be amongst the lucky few to own such designs. Some designs are also made to be timeless as a way to ensure your furniture never goes out of style; that requires a lot of work and attention to detail as well, and this would reflect in the cost of purchasing them.

Quality assurance and environmental safety standards:

Many manufacturers ensure that they pass all quality assurance checks, including following all eco-safety standards in their choice of material. This means that material sourcing may involve complex processes that make it a necessity to reflect it in the cost of sales. Alternatively, some manufacturers may also be contributing to major environmental campaigns based on the sales of their products, hence there would be a high cost of purchase on such products.

Skilled Craftsmanship:

One thing common to many outdoor spaces is the fact that the furniture pieces form the core of the aesthetics of the space. As a result, most manufacturers do not take the design process lightly, hence they hire the most skilled craftsmen and artisans who bring the details of the design to life. Hiring these craftsmen and retaining them comes at no small cost, hence this ultimately reflects in the cost of the furniture pieces.

Manufacturers tend to increase their profit margin to be able to consistently pay the wages of their craftsmen and to keep them out of the reach of their competitors.

The complexity of the design process:

The process of curating outdoor furniture is a complex one, many manufacturers have research and development teams, that spend time researching innovative designs for outdoor spaces. After the R&D process, there’s a lot of complexity involved in finishing the materials to perfection. Working intricate designs into steel, wood, and even coating finishes for durability are all complex processes that eventually increase the cost of the furniture.

Demand for furniture set:

When buying outdoor furniture pieces, you’re more likely to buy a set of furniture than just a piece. A sectional sofa set paired with a matching fire pit table, for instance, may cost more than buying unmatching pieces separately. Even when it doesn’t cost as much, having to purchase about 8 pieces of individual furniture in a set is a major expense that will tell on your budget. Hence you need thoughtful planning when buying your outdoor patio set.

Longevity and maintenance:

In addition to the choice of strong materials, manufacturers use coating finishes, rot and pest-resistant oils, to maintain the longevity of outdoor furniture. Likewise, some pieces come with furniture covers, storage boxes, and other functional accessories that make them more expensive. Some of these accessories help to preserve the life span of the outdoor pieces, and a lot of detail also goes into their design. Also, selecting the right materials for protective accessories requires attention to detail and intentionality as well.


Investing In Outdoor Furniture: Why is it Worth It?


Outdoor spaces remain an important part of your home that you must pay attention to. The fact that most outdoor pieces are expensive shouldn’t discourage you from paying attention to your outdoor space. As a matter of fact, investing in your outdoor space should be considered a priority, as there are many benefits attached to it.

On many occasions, a comfy outdoor space contributes to the home living experience and allows a family to bond and create memories. Instead of spending extra bucks to have a fun time outdoors, that money could be invested into the home, to enjoy various benefits that often cannot be quantified monetarily.

Another interesting thing about outdoor furniture is that it can quickly add to the value of your home. So you can consider it as an early investment if you plan to sublet the space later on. Another way to save money on your outdoor furniture is to purchase them during off-peak seasons. Summer is one season everyone wants to troop outdoors, why wait till summer when you can buy it in spring?





A lot of details go into your outdoor furniture design, hence it's important to purchase from the best brands. A brand like Cosiest prioritizes your comfort and gives you value for your money. We also prioritize longevity and durability, so you don't have to spend twice on the same set of furniture.

Why is outdoor seating so expensive?

Why is Outdoor Patio Furniture So Expensive?



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