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Latest Consultation:What Is Glass Wool?

Jan. 09, 2021
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Among construction materials, mineral wool is a kind of construction material we often use. Mineral wool and its production are light, durable, non-combustible, non-corrosive, and resistant to insects, etc., and are excellent thermal insulation and sound-absorbing materials. Cotton-like short fibers made from silicate melts, including slag wool, rock wool, steel wool on glass and ceramic fibers. The earliest mineral wool obtained from the Crater of Hawaii is called "Fal's Hair". Today, let's talk about glass wool.

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What is glass wool?

Glass wool belongs to a category of glass fiber, which is a man-made inorganic fiber. Glass wool is a material that fiberizes molten glass to form a cotton-like material. The chemical composition is glass, which has good molding, low bulk density, thermal conductivity, heat insulation, sound absorption, corrosion resistance, and stable chemical properties.

Glass wool uses natural ores such as quartz sand, limestone, and dolomite as the main raw materials, and is combined with some chemical raw materials such as soda ash and borax to melt into glass. In the melted state, the flocculent thin fibers are blown by the external force, and the fibers and the fibers are three-dimensionally crossed and entangled with each other, showing many small gaps. Such gaps can be regarded as pores. Therefore, glass wool can be regarded as a porous material with good thermal insulation and sound absorption properties.

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Highlights: Sound absorption performance

In modern life, entertainment is an important part of us, and it is accompanied by noise, which can be very disturbing to the people. Therefore, glass wool construction material is a good choice. Because the fibers inside the glass wool are fluffy and interlaced, there are a large number of tiny pores. It is a typical porous sound-absorbing material with good sound absorption characteristics. Therefore, it can be made into wall panels, ceilings, and space sound absorbers, which can absorb a lot of the room The sound energy can reduce the reverberation time, reduce indoor noise, and avoid affecting the rest of the surrounding neighbors.



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