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Is Glass Wool Harmful to The Body?



Jan. 09, 2021
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Is glass wool harmful? Maybe you are also asking this question. So today I want to talk about the harm of glass wool. Although I may be a glass wool distributor in the future, I sincerely hope that you understand the dangers of glass wool.

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We all know that glass wool is a type of mineral wool. It is also an inorganic fiber and contains almost no toxic and harmful substances. Inhalation of glass wool in a small amount is not harmful to the human body; but long-term inhalation of glass wool is definitely harmful to the body. It is made of glass fiber, and long-term inhalation of a large amount of glass fiber, if the glass fiber is deposited in the lung, it will cause serious harm to the human lung. Here, everyone should focus on the "long-term inhalation of glass fiber" which will have serious consequences. This is of a nature to driving. Every day, many traffic accidents occur in the world, because in this way we must completely deny driving. ? Then we continue to look down.

May cause mild allergies

According to a monograph published in 2002 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization (WHO), glass wool was judged to be "category III", that is, "non-carcinogenic." In addition, according to research cited by Health Canada, a Canadian government agency, glass wool does not pose a health risk to the public, but short-term exposure to glass wool may cause mild skin, eyes, nose and throat allergies.

Long-term exposure to glass wool is harmful

Glass fiber insulation is generally not considered dangerous, but long-term exposure to glass wool damages human health, and a lot of glass fibers float during construction or after aluminum foil is damaged. Glass fiber can seriously damage air quality and harm human health. Pathological examination of lung biopsy of workers exposed to glass fiber for a long time showed that there were glass fiber dust cell foci, mild proliferation of colloid cells, lung cancer, and lung abscess in the lung tissue. People who have been exposed to glass fibers for a long time may suffer from conjunctivitis and keratitis, and in severe cases, corneal opacity and local abscess may be seen.

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How to reduce the harm of glass wool

Glass wool is mainly easy to enter the lungs and stick to the skin to make the skin itchy and uncomfortable. Glass fiber is an organic matter. Under normal circumstances, it is not harmful to humans. However, because it is an organic matter, it contains substances that are harmful to humans. The main component of glass fiber is also silicon dioxide, which will "calcify" the lungs. Your lungs will have a problem! It is recommended to pay attention to dust and wear a mask when working with glass fiber materials. Or choose to go to the hospital regularly to wash the lungs. Otherwise it will cause great harm to the human body.



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